LED, 4 ft, T8 TUBES and 
DesignLight Consortium (DLC) Approved LED Light Fixtures
LED turnkey lighting installations (or products only) are available.

Click here to download our LED, 4', T8 tubes in a PowerPoint Show. These are 18 or 20 Watt LED tubes. No light fixture re-wiring required! They come with a 5 year replacement warranty. They are USA made and qualify for DOE procurement. We also have other models available.

Click here to download the optional LightRules web based software video
. This software enables any authorized user to control any or all of the LED fixtures via a blue tooth enabled laptop or a company owned intranet PC.  Energy savings reports can be easily made with a couple mouse clicks.

Click here to download a PowerPoint show of the Digital Lumens fixtures. This details 3 different LED fixtures. All fixtures are Bluetooth enabled and can individually or in a group communicate with wireless routers via a WiFi enabled laptop, PDA or smartphone or a stand alone PC which we provide. All energy savings data is fed back to a software program called LightRules which allows fixture setting adjustments, easy to configure scheduling and print reporting. All Digital Lumens LED fixtures also have an integrated Photo Cell sensor and an Occupancy Sensor. 

Click here for the Digital Lumens LED spec sheet.  

Click here for a Case Study of 332 LED ILE 3-13 fixtures installed in a CNC machine shop.